Microcurrent Sleep Aid Device

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1. Combine TENS technology and bioelectronics technology with traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and physiotherapy mode, help people increase the deep sleep time and get a better sleep.
2. By sending electrical stimulation at a specific frequency, to release pain relieving hormones to increase the tolerance to primary migraines.
3. It can self adjust the output intensity of physiotherapy pulse. Use it 30 minutes before going to bed to relieve pressure, help to improve sleep quality and let you have a better sleep.
4. Compact and portable, convenient to carry for office or business. High-grade exquisite packaging, ideal gift for friends or the olders. 5. Use it at least twice a day. Please use the attached strap to fix it, and make sure to remove the main unit when closing.

Physical therapy based on electrical stimulation; No use of drugs; No worries about potential side-effect.

Fast and effective

 2 hours usage


Low cost

Effective Against Migraine Headaches: Migraine; Cluster migraine; Tension headache; Depression; Insomnia.

Optional Electric Stimulation Intensity: The intensity of the treatment will increase to the strongest level within 5 minutes. During this period, users can choose the appropriate intensity according to their own experience to achieve the best effect.

Press the button once to maintain the intensity.

Compact and Easy to Carry: It is very small and light, making it convenient not only to use at home or at the office, also on trips, outdoors and travelling.

Package Includes:
1x Sleep Instrument
1x Sticky Tube
1x Gel
1x USB Cable
1x Manual