Heatless Curling Rod

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No more ridiculously overpriced  curling sessions in the salon

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No more frying your hair just to get the curls. Save your time curling and styling your hair in the morning. It only takes 5 minutes to wrap your hair and sleep in the evening to get healthy and bouncy curls in the morning. Perfect for those who have no time to spare in styling and curling their hair. It’s so easy to use and comfortable to sleep in. Get healthy curls that last for days. No more overpriced salon appointments. 


  • Get ready in the morning with the perfect curls. No need to waste time curling your hair in the morning. Curl your hair in the evening and get healthy bouncy curls in seconds in the morning.  Heatless Hair Curling Wrap Kit is your new hairstyling method without the damaging heat from the tools. It helps you achieve big curls for less. 

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  • Keep your hair stylish and healthy. Curl any type of hair and hair length gently and without using harsh and damaging heat.  This curling wrap kit  is so easy to use. Simply wrap and clip your hair around the elastic rod and secure the curls with clips. It's a gentle, heatless and natural method of curling. You can decide how big you want your curls. Remove the rod in seconds and watch your curls remain beautiful from morning till night, and even after days. 

  • Glam up without the salon trips. Get amazing curls as you wake up! Reduce your number of trips to the salon to get your fancy curls. This curling wrap kit is made of high quality materials like EVA foam and silk satin to protect your hair from damage, tangles and hair fall.. Glam up without damaging your hair with too much heat. Ideal for women who have little to no time to spare to get their hair done every morning. 

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  • Convenient and affordable way to curl your hair. No heat. No going to the salon and no touch ups. Curl your hair naturally and enjoy it all day! Many women are getting obsessed with this new curling method. Save your time, money and effort. You can achieve soft, curly and bouncy curls even as you sleep and without damaging your hair.  

How to curl your hair using Heatless Hair Curling Wrap Kit  

  1. Keep your hair a little damp. Dry your hair at least 80% percent after shower. 
  2. Set the center of the curling rod with a hair clip on the top of your head. 
  3. Start braiding your hair from one side by winding it on the roller. Choose how big you want the curls to be. Braid the other side. Once done, secure it using the scrunchie.  
  4. Let it sit overnight. The next day, you can simply remove the scrunchie and the rod to reveal your bouncy curls. 

Product Specification:

Material: EVA foam, silk satin
Product Size: 35.43 x  1.06 inches
Product Weight: 60 grams
Color:  pink, blue, yellow

Package Included:

1 x Heatless Hair Curler
2 x Hair Tie
1 x Transparent Clip