EMS foot massager mat

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The ultimate relief to common foot problems - enjoy both foot massage and treatment in one with Collapsible EMS Foot Massage Mat now!

As suggested by numerous doctors and medical researches, it has been found that EMS(Electric Muscle Stimulation) technology is effective in curing various foot problems like heel pain, chronic ankle pain, leg swelling or even plantar fasciitis by sending low-frequency electric pulses. The pulses will stimulate the muscles to contract and relax for better blood circulation, as well as targeting your natural acupressure points to remove tension, pain and fatigue in your feet. Just like how real massages work.

Crafted in lightweight and comfy materials, the mat is just as soft as yoga mat. The collapsible feature allows you to carry around no matter where you are. With 6 modes and 10 intensity levels, you can enjoy a customized massage for everyday relaxation!


  • A combination of massage and treatment
  • Application of EMS technology
  • Effective treatment for heel pain, chronic ankle pain, leg swelling, plantar fasciitis etc.
  • Promotes blood circulation and strengthen muscles
  • Relieves pain, swelling and fatigue
  • Works like real massage by targeting natural acupressure points
  • Improves overall health
  • 6 modes + 10 intensity levels for selection
  • Foldable and portable
  • Perfect for different occasions i.e. home, office & hotels etc.


Size: 32 x 15.5 x 3 cm


1pc x Collapsible EMS Foot Massage Mat, 1pc x Main EMS Unit, 1pc x User Manual