Professional Laser Pen for Freckle Tattoo

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Professional Picosecond Laser Pen For Freckle Tattoo Mole Melanin Acne Removal
  • Not all tattoos are a piece of art, some are just mistakes. Ex-boyfriend's or girlfriend's name on your arm? Some drunk adventure that ended up with a bad decision?
  • That's definitely something we don't want to keep as a memory and of course as a tattoo as well.
  • That's where this Tattoo Removal Machine comes in handy.
  • Manufactured by high-quality ABS and electronic component, it can directly break up dark pigment by powerful and rapid energy to achieve the goal of improving skin, without harming or damaging the skin tissue.

Main Features & Benefits

✓ Short pulse width, hardly produce light and heat effect.

✓ Powerful and rapid energy breaks up dark pigment directly.

✓ Without any damage to skin tissue.

✓ Fewer treatment times, better treatment effects.

✓ Wide customer application range, more durable and safe.


The high peak power from a professional-grade system allows for the removal of the most stubborn and difficult-to-treat tattoos!

It's equipped with four gears of energy intensity and three gears of working frequency and specially designed to treat kinds of skin problems.

Safe and without harm to skin tissue, this pen can help you remove mole/acne, shrink pores, dilute freckle/melanin, wash tattoo/eyebrow tattoo etc.


1. Before using the High Tech Beauty pen, the skin should be coated with Anesthetic.

2. After usage, the skin should be coated with repair plaster to prevent bacterial infection.

3. Please start from the lowest level, then slowly adjust to the suitable level.

4. Blue laser pen: 9 level is the lowest frequency. Red laser pen: 3 level is the lowest frequency.

5. Avoid prolonged sunlight to treated skin for ~1 week following treatment.